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When a call is initiated by the person under surveillance you will hear a verbal
message "the house identity" and "type of event" emergency,inactivity,power fail,or system fault.
The called party must acknowledge the message or the panel will disengage the line and call the next private number on the list. The called party can acknowlegde the message by pressing a key on the telephone keypad
as follows.

KEY 2 Acknowledge only the panel disagages the line and considers the event
duly reported.

KEY 3 Acknowledge and listen in The protected site is "bugged" for sound for 50 seconds then considers the event duly reported.

KEY 6 Acknowledge and 2 way comunication for 50 sec extendable by pressing 6 at any time then the panel considers the event duly reported

Event types

Emergency the emergency device has been activated by the person under surveillance

Inactivity the person under surveillance has not been active in the last 24 hours

All others are system status reporting