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Elderly Care Systems
The home of Qualtity Intruder alarm systems

Growing numbers of seniors, people living alone and others with evolving health concerns are looking for cost effective solutions to  allow them to stay independent.

Our Personal Emergency Response systems is the cost effective way to enable
independent living with the security that family menbers can be contact in a Emergency
at the press of a button

How does it work ? The person or persons at risk have a wearable waterproof
transmitter if assistance is required a simple click of a button sends a signal to the remote receiver this automatically send a call to the first of four programmed phone
numbers and sends a spoken request for assistance. If that person can help they can shut the call down and go to help if the call is not answerd it will automatically go to call
two ect.

The main advantage of the system is there is no on going monthy costs if you change
phone numbers you can change them on site no need for any admin costs

The System can be expanded to a full wireless alarm system as well.

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Elderly care

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